Sales Development Assessment

Discover the new way of developing sales talent

Sales is 2/3rds mental and 1/3 technique. Sadly, most companies just focus on technique. They invest in training their teams on Hard Skills and Soft Skills only to end up wondering “hmm, why don’t we see a bigger difference?” or “Oh, that $220,000 training investment didn’t really make a difference, wonder why?”. 

What is the Sales Development Assessment?

It’s a precise, new way of looking at a sales professional and see what they need to develop to reach their peak. We assess them as multi-faceted humans through the lens of 40 dimensions and are able to pin-point exactly which 3 areas they need to focus on to reach their peak level of performance.

  • 20 INNER DIMENSIONS – The mental game of sales. i.e. attitude, confidence, motivation, beliefs.
  • 10 Dimensions of HARD SKILLS – Knowledge i.e. product, market, customer knowledge.
  • 10 Dimensions of SOFT SKILLS – Ability to apply the knowledge i.e. negotiate a deal.

Sounds great! But does it really work? Here is a real-life example 

BEFORE: “Not meeting quota. Not living up to my potential”.
afterAFTER 6 MONTHS: “Sold more in H1 than in the entire last year. Getting rave reviews”.NOTE: By any standards these are EXCEPTIONAL RESULTS. This was only possible because we precisely identified which areas this person needed to develop; she was motivated to focus on developing these areas, and the company hired Creating Thunder to give her 1:1 coaching (15 sessions over 6 months).

Sales Leaders and Sales Pros find this fascinating and insightful.

“I finally know exactly what I need to work on”. – Sales Professional, $5M quota

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