“We have seen impressive results by Katrin’s coaching. It positively impacted motivation, engagement and results in our sales team. We are planning to continue our work with Katrin to help individuals maximize their potential”.

- Andre Cuenin, President Americas and Europe, IR Prognosis

“Katrin challenged me to think with more clarity, and pushed me to greater self-awareness. The dialogues provided opportunity to address situations in a way that is difficult to achieve on my own, and as a result, I have stepped up my voice and influence.  I’m grateful for Katrin’s wisdom, insight, and for being pushed out of my comfort zone.”

- Paula S., Global Sales, Oracle

“Her ability to understand my position as a Sales Manager and help me grow every day is more valuable than I could ever put into words. At the end of each session I feel as if I’ve been molded into a new and improved version of my self and am left wanting more. 2015 will be an extraordinary year for my team, firm and myself. I’m positive that my contributions and success have been increased by at least 50% due to Katrin. She is essential for anyone or any firm that is looking to elevate their sales force to a new level. I’d be more than happy to speak with anyone about her skills in more detail.”

- Zuri Nance, Sales Manager, CareTouch

“Katrin Windsor is an outstanding executive coach.  She possesses a powerful combination of real world experience, and coaching skill.  I believe what truly sets her apart is her ability ask great questions prompting answers that will take your game to the next level.”

- Conrad C., Director of Training, Pearson Education

“I had the opportunity to work with Katrin over the last 6 months. She has been an integral part in my recent growth and success in B2B software sales. With her coaching and guidance I have been able to make a complete 180 in my career and become a more positive and influential employee in my organization. Katrin promotes you to look within yourself to focus on your internal strengths. She has helped me immensely and I would recommend her to anyone who is looking to make a positive change to their professional career”

- Samantha V., Midwest Territory Manager, IR

“Time with Katrin helps me see my challenges and opportunities from different perspectives. This illuminates new pathways to overcome my hurdles, and celebrate what is working. I always leave full of energy, with a lot to contemplate, and optimism about my next steps.”

- M. Lanaghen, CEO, The Sparrow Group

“Katrin has been a great decision support for me during protracted business negotiations at a critical inflection point in our business. She helped me get clarity and focus on what I need to do to align my team with our corporate objectives”.

- P. Gonzalez, Founder, New Planet

“Katrin brings an incredible energy and perspective to her coaching sessions. She fully engages, and follows up between sessions with insightful and relevant material. She uses a variety of techniques and worked with me to approach my coaching topic from various angles. I recommend working with Katrin in pursuit of personal and professional growth”.

- Ladan A., Consul, Senior Trade Commissioner, Consulate General of Canada

“Working with Katrin has continued to move me forward.  It is a combination of Katrin’s skills, her intuition and ability to listen between the lines that makes the difference. It helped me analyze where I was and where I wanted to go”.

- Alisa J., Entrepreneur, President Consular Corps of Arizona, Consul of Switzerland