Katrin Windsor


“Clarity. Focus.
Energy. Results.”

Coaching background

  • Formally trained, accredited coach. (CPCC, ACC ICF International Coach Federation).
  • Fluent in leading methodologies and best practices.
  • Deep experience on what motivates action and results.
  • Constantly seeking new research on neuro-science, performance, and leadership.
  • I coach because I used coaches myself and found them helpful and transformative.

Business background

  • Coached teams in 40+ countries to grow their businesses. 20+ years studying international leadership styles.
  • Award-winning sales leader. Sold hundreds of millions of dollars worth of software and online content.
  • Held position as GM EMEA, MD North America, VP Sales, Director Global Solutions in B2B tech.
  • Started and sold a company. Co-founded a SaaS company.
  • International speaker on business growth and technology.

Personal background

  • 22 years practicing meditation; teach meditation, too (including at Google HQ).
  • Fluent in 5 languages, hiked from the Andes to the Amazon, crossed 4 countries by bike.
  • Two wonderful sons, a great spouse and a happy dog.
  • Mindful and intuitive.

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